Sheila King International

An independent landlord advisory company formed in June 2014 by Sheila King.

The company was created to meet the growing demands from international landlords seeking access to impartial, reasoned and objective strategic retail guidance in an increasingly complex and challenging industry.

Sheila King's global network of industry contacts and retailer relationships have enabled the company to develop a unique, trusted and insightful point of difference.

The company has gained the loyalty, trust and respect of senior retailer executives. This in turn has resulted in closer reciprocal relationships and a greater understanding of retailer's business model, trends and development plans.    

About Us

Sheila King International (‘SKI’) is an independent landlord advisory company formed in June 2014 by Sheila King. Breaking new ground, the company was the first of its kind in the UK and is underpinned by a team of professionals derived from in-house landlord backgrounds.

SKI is retained by six of the largest and most forward-thinking landlords across the UK, Europe and North America.

SKI helps owners of prime retail destinations to formulate innovative and sustainable strategies and achieve higher values. SKI also provides its landlord clients with a visionary approach to destinations, which is supported by a global network of retailer relationships and insight on the latest trends and innovation.

SKI’s advice is founded on Sheila’s in-depth knowledge of the international retail market, and the quality of her connections within it, all derived from her landlord-only background.

SKI was created to meet the growing needs of international landlords to obtain impartial, insightful and objective strategic retail advice in an increasingly complex, fast-moving and challenging industry.